Continuous Enrollment (Graduate)

Matriculated graduate students must maintain continuous enrollment during each Fall and Spring semester until graduation.

Students whose enrollment is interrupted for three (counting Summer) or more consecutive semesters must submit an application for readmission.

Graduate students violating the mandatory continuous enrollment policy must pay a $100 fee per semester not enrolled.

Students who are not registered by the close of the registration period of the Fall and Spring semesters and have not officially withdrawn from Saint Louis University for a given semester will have their record closed and will be required to complete the Petition for Activation of Non-Registered Student Record.

Exceptions are:

  • Students on approved Leave of Absence (see leave of absence policy),
  • Students participating in approved Study Abroad or Exchange Programs, or
  • Students on approved Consortium Agreements with U.S. or non-U.S. institutions (e.g. non-Approved Study Abroad)