2.4 Violation of Law and the University Community Standards

Community Standards’ proceedings may be instituted against a Student charged with misconduct that potentially violates both the criminal law and the University's Community Standards, without regard to cases that may also be pending criminal litigation. Proceedings under the Community Standards may be carried out prior to, simultaneously with, or following civil or criminal proceedings off campus at the discretion of the Vice President for Student Development, or designee. Outcomes of criminal charges will have no bearing on the determination made or sanctions imposed under the Community Standards. When a Student is charged by federal, state or local authorities with a violation of law, the University will not request or agree to special consideration for that individual because of their status as a Student. If the alleged offense is also being processed under the University's Community Standards, the University may advise off campus authorities of the existence of the Community Standards matter and how such matters are typically handled within the University community. The University will cooperate with law enforcement authorities and other agencies in the enforcement of criminal laws on campus and in the conditions imposed by criminal or civil courts for the rehabilitation of Student violators (provided the conditions do not conflict with University rules or outcomes).