Ignatian Service (SERV)

SERV 1000 - Ignatian Spirituality and Service

Credit(s): 0 or 3 Credits

This service-learning course is designed for students who desire to help transform a city as the city transforms their education. The class explores Ignatian Spirituality and how it combines academic ‘reflection’ on ultimate questions of theology, like “who is my neighbor?” (Lk 10:29), with ‘action’ in the community where students work among their neighbors to change systems that perpetuate cycles of poverty in St. Louis. Such ‘Ignatian Service’ provides a unique opportunity to develop an integration of reason, faith, and action. All background checks, fees, and transportation to/from approved service sites are provided by the Center for Ignatian Service.

Prerequisite(s): CORE 1500*

* Concurrent enrollment allowed.

Attributes: UUC:Theology

SERV 2930 - Special Topics

Credit(s): 1-3 Credits (Repeatable for credit)

Special Topics ini Ignitian Service.

SERV 3000 - Ignatian Leadership and Service

Credit(s): 3 Credits

The primary goal of this service-learning course is to explore Ignatian principles-practices that form servant-leaders who desire integral human development for all individuals and communities, which embodies the Gospel call for personal conversion and social transformation. Leadership in the Ignatian tradition is borne of vocational integration via the practice of discernment. It is a way of proceeding that is marked by an ongoing commitment to personal and communal transformation. The principles of Ignatian leadership are rooted in the notion that we are all leaders according to our capacities and that our whole lives are filled with leadership opportunities. In Ignatian parlance, such leaders follow a formative process of “reflection-in-action.” REQUIRED: students must enroll in both a SERV 3000 lecture (LEC) and any SERV 3000 service-site "internship" (INT), which requires at least 25 hours of service throughout the semester at approved sites.

Prerequisite(s): CORE 1500*

* Concurrent enrollment allowed.

Attributes: Catholic Studies-Elective, Catholic Studies-Theology, Philosophy & Letters, Service Learning, UUC:Reflection-in-Action, UUC:Self in Contemplation

SERV 4960 - Capstone: Ignatian Vocation and Service

Credit(s): 3 Credits

The primary goal of this course is the discerned integration of your SLU education [Core + Minor(s) + Major(s)] as you prepare to “go forth” as servant-leaders called with a vocation, equipped with an education, and honed with professional skills to assist in bringing integral human development to all individuals and communities. While not required, a Spiritual Exercises retreat is strongly recommended as a pivot point that helps you discern your educational goals beyond SLU as you, “Go forth and set the world on fire.” (Offered in Spring)

Prerequisite(s): SERV 1000