Ignatian Service (SERV)

SERV 1000 - Ignatian Spirituality and Service

Credit(s): 0 or 3 Credits

This service-learning course is designed for students who desire to help transform a city as the city transforms their education. The class explores Ignatian Spirituality and how it combines academic ‘reflection’ on ultimate questions of theology, like “who is my neighbor?” (Lk 10:29), with ‘action’ in the community where students work among their neighbors to change systems that perpetuate cycles of poverty in St. Louis. Such ‘Ignatian Service’ provides a unique opportunity to develop an integration of reason, faith, and action. All background checks, fees, and transportation to/from approved service sites are provided by the Center for Ignatian Service.

Prerequisite(s): CORE 1500*

* Concurrent enrollment allowed.

Attributes: UUC:Theology

SERV 2930 - Special Topics

Credit(s): 0-3 Credits (Repeatable for credit)

Special Topics ini Ignitian Service.

SERV 3000 - Ignatian Leadership and Service

Credit(s): 3 Credits

The primary goal of this course is to explore Ignatian principles and practices that form servant-leaders via a Jesuit education [from educare (to educate): e from ex = out + ducere = to lead, i.e., to lead out/forth] who desire the integral human development for all individuals and communities, which embodies the Gospel call for personal conversion and social transformation. (Offered occasionally)

SERV 4960 - Capstone: Ignatian Vocation and Service

Credit(s): 3 Credits

The primary goal of this course is the discerned integration of your SLU education [Core + Minor(s) + Major(s)] as you prepare to “go forth” as servant-leaders called with a vocation, equipped with an education, and honed with professional skills to assist in bringing integral human development to all individuals and communities. While not required, a Spiritual Exercises retreat is strongly recommended as a pivot point that helps you discern your educational goals beyond SLU as you, “Go forth and set the world on fire.” (Offered in Spring)

Prerequisite(s): SERV 1000