Admission Policies

The Saint Louis University Office of Admission reserves the right to rescind an offer of admission at any time.


Application deadlines vary based on the application pathway chosen for admission. See the admission webpage for details on application pathways. Transfer student applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Admission Pathways

Early Decision applications are binding — students who are granted admission are committed to attend SLU and are required to withdraw all applications from other institutions. Early Action and Regular Decision applications are non-binding and students may compare offers of admission from other institutions. 


Note to all applicants: Your and all supporting documents become the property of Saint Louis University. By written request, we will forward a transcript to another institution in limited situations. In addition, by completing the application and providing supporting documents, you have agreed that all the information submitted is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. 


An applicant may be placed on a waitlist, at which time additional credentials or information may be necessary before an admission decision will be made. A waitlist applicant will usually be required to submit additional or more recent college admission test scores if applying test-inclusive, seventh-semester grades (or a transcript of the present semester’s grades in progress) or schedule an interview with the Office of Admission.

Adult Freshman Applicants

An adult freshman applicant who graduated from high school more than five years prior to the date of intended enrollment generally must meet the requirements set forth for all freshman applicants. These applicants must provide satisfactory evidence of preparedness and may be required to submit personal resumes or meet with an admission counselor for a personal interview. Adult freshman applicants will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Provisional Admission

Provisional admission is a process offered to students who want to enroll but have not completed their admission files. Copies of transcripts showing academic work attempted at the collegiate level and, if fewer than 24 credits are completed, copies of the high school transcripts are also required to be presented to the Office of Admission for consideration for provisional admission.

All admission standards are adhered to during the application review process. All official academic transcripts must arrive in the Office of Admission within four weeks of the first day of classes. Students who fail to comply with this requirement will be withdrawn from the University, and the tuition refund will be issued according to the calendar published in the schedule of classes.

Once the Office of Admission receives the official documentation, the student will be notified in writing regarding the official admission decision and the transferability of credits. Because academic credentials are used for academic advising, the student who enters under this policy takes full responsibility for any duplication of courses, extra costs, in-course changes, etc., resulting from their provisional admission. Students admitted under this policy who withdraw from the University for reasons other than those stated will be subject to the standard refund policy detailed in the schedule of classes.

Conditional Admission

Conditional admission may be granted to a student who does not meet the basic academic criteria necessary for admission to the University. Extenuating circumstances must be presented for consideration in such cases. Any student entering under conditional admission status is subject to an evaluation after completion of the first semester’s work by a committee within their chosen college or school to determine the student’s eligibility to continue a course of study at Saint Louis University.

Admission with Prior Academic Probation

Students applying for admission to Saint Louis University who are on academic probation at another college/university at which they were most recently enrolled are subject to a thorough review. 

Admission with Prior Academic Dismissal

Students who have been academically dismissed from another college or university and are applying for admission to Saint Louis University may be considered one year (two semesters) after the dismissal. Applicants are subject to a thorough review.

Admission with Prior Disciplinary Dismissal

Students who have been dismissed from another college or university due to disciplinary reasons may apply for admission to Saint Louis University. Applicants will be subject to a thorough review.

Admission with Prior Adjudicated Guilty or Conviction of Felony/Misdemeanor

Students who have been adjudicated guilty or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor may apply for admission to Saint Louis University. Applicants will be subject to a thorough review.

GED/HiSET Applicants

A high school equivalency diploma will be accepted in place of high school graduation if the applicant has scored at least 550 on each subsection of the General Education Diploma examination (GED) or a 15 on each subsection of the HiSET exam.

Visiting/Non-Degree Students

Visiting or non-degree students are not formally pursuing a bachelor's degree or certificate at Saint Louis University. For example, students:

  • Taking prerequisites or to enhance academic potential before applying to a degree/certificate program
  • Pursuing a bachelor's degree or certificate elsewhere who plan to transfer credits to their home institutions
  • Exploring undergraduate courses for personal growth or career advancement

Visiting and non-degree-seeking students must submit a new application for every semester they plan to enroll through the Office of Summer and Extended Studies.

Faculty/Staff Auditing Courses

Faculty or staff wishing to "sit-in"/audit a course should complete a Petition for Course Audit (Form #3).

Second Bachelor’s Degree Applicants

A student is classified as a second bachelor’s degree candidate if they are seeking an undergraduate degree and previously has received a baccalaureate degree from Saint Louis University or any other institution.

Student Educational Services (SES)

Freshman applicants not meeting the recommendations and requirements for admission for the fall semester may be contacted by SES concerning admission consideration for the Billiken Success Program. If interested in this admission consideration, students must take appropriate screening examinations and be interviewed by SES personnel. After an appropriate overall review, freshman applicants may be offered admission to the fall semester on the condition that they participate in the Billiken Success Program.