Proof of Proficiency By Examination

When available, students may request a Proficiency Examination to prove proficiency in a course’s content in order to satisfy the following:

  • Course prerequisites,
  • Course requirements within a college or school,
  • Course requirements within a major, minor, concentration and/or certificate.

Requirements will be satisfied when a Proficiency Examination is successfully completed with a passing score, as defined by the academic department.

Credit will not be awarded for the successful completion of a proficiency examination and therefore will not apply toward the total credit requirements for graduation; including but not limited to individual college/school or departmental requirements.

A Proficiency Examination cannot be taken while enrolled in, after enrollment or after withdrawing from the course in which the Proficiency Examination is requested.

Note: Proficiency Examinations are not available for all courses. Please inquire with the academic department of the course to determine the availability.