Meteorology, Minor

Saint Louis University's minor in meteorology introduces students to approaches, tools and data used by meteorologists. A minor in meteorology is a good option for SLU students who will have direct interactions with meteorologists, including students in aviation, civil engineering, business and pre-law. Students pursuing a career in broadcasting may also consider a minor in meteorology to gain experience in broadcast meteorology.

Meteorology is more than just the study of weather; it includes all of the atmosphere's characteristics, structures and processes. Basic principles of physics and chemistry are applied to discover what makes the atmosphere work. Mathematical equations and techniques are used to predict the weather based on present conditions. Recently, meteorology has become increasingly vital to humankind’s concerns. Ozone depletion and global warming have been identified as threats to human existence on Earth. Meteorologists are on the front lines of the battle to learn more about and model these phenomena.

A fascination with the atmosphere and the vast range of phenomena that it generates is critical to success in the program. Students pursuing a minor in meteorology will have direct interactions with our faculty and opportunities to engage with professional meteorologists from both the National Weather Service and the broadcasting industry.

Required Courses
EAS 1420Introduction to Atmospheric Science3
EAS 1700Weather Briefing1
EAS 2440Atmospheric Processes and Systems3
EAS 2530Fundamentals of Climate Systems3
MATH 1510Calculus I4
MATH 1520Calculus II4
Science Requirement
Select one of the following:4
University Physics I
and University Physics I Laboratory
Physics I
and Physics I Laboratory
Aviation Physics
Minor Elective Courses
Select three of the following:9
Broadcast Meteorology I
Physical Meteorology I
Numerical Modeling Applications
Mesoanalysis and Severe Storms
Elements of Air Pollution
Synoptic Meteorology I
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Total Credits31

Continuation Standards

Students with a minor in meteorology must maintain a 2.00 GPA in their minor coursework.