English, Minor

The English minor at Saint Louis University is student-centered with small, writing-intensive courses that emphasize discussion, close reading and critical thinking.

English minors take courses in traditional literary fields (including American, British and world literatures), as well as innovative and emergent areas of English studies (such as new media, rhetoric and creative writing). Throughout their coursework, English minors develop imaginative engagements with different time periods and cultures as well as effective analytical thinking and writing skills.

The English minor requires 18 credits from the following areas:

Introductory Course
Any 2000-level English course with the Core Literature attribute may serve for both CAS core requirements and English minor requirements. BS students may substitute any 3000 or 4000-level English course with the Core Literature attribute for English minor introductory course credit.
Select one of the following:3
Conflict, Social Justice and Literature
Faith, Doubt and Literature
Nature, Ecology & Literature
Gender, Identity & Literature
Technology, Media & Literature
Film, Culture and Literature
Nation, Identity and Literature
3000-level Courses
Three credits may serve for both CAS core requirements and minor area requirements. Students must take one course from three of the following four areas, for a total of nine hours at the 3000 level.
Select three of the following:9
4000-level Courses
Two 4000-level English elective courses must be taken to complete the English minor. Any English course offered at the 4000 level may count, such as:6
Professional Writing
New Media Writing
Queer Cinema: History, Aesthetics and Activism
Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
Age of Elizabeth
Early Shakespeare
Topics in Shakespeare
17th Century Literature
The Age of Romanticism
Medicine, Mind, and Victorian Fiction
Major Victorian Authors and Movements
Topics in 19th Century Literature
Major Modernist Writers and Movements
Irish Modernism
Contemporary Postcolonial Literature and Culture
Major Post-Colonial Writers
Topics in 20th/21st Century British, Irish, & Postcolonial Literature & Culture
Contemporary American Literature
20th Century American Literature
Major American Authors
Post-1900 African American Literature
Representations of Native Americans in Text & Film
Special Topics: American Literature & Culture
Total Credits18

Form and Genre

Writing Literacy Narratives
Creative Writing: Poetry
Creative Writing: Fiction
Creative Writing: Non-Fiction
Creative Writing: Poetry and Translation
Topics in Creative Writing
American Short Story
European Drama
Literature of Ridicule and Satire
Fantasy and Literature
Film and Literature
Reading the Female Bildungsroman
Young Adult Literature
The Classics and Literature

History and Context

British Literary Traditions to 1800
British Literary Traditions after 1800
American Literary Traditions to 1865
American Literatures after 1865
World Literary Traditions I
World Literary Traditions III
Introduction to Shakespeare
19th Century British Literature

Culture and Critique

Literature of the Postcolonial World
African American Literary Traditions II: After 1900
Topics in African American Literary Traditions
Literature of the African Diaspora
Native American Literature
Ethnic American Literature
Writing Sex in the Middle Ages
Literature of the Natural World
Nature and Literature
Monsters of Europe: Nature and Monstrosity in European Literature
Women in Literature
The City and Literature
Topics in Spirituality and Literature
Disaster Narratives
British Culture and Travel
Science Fiction
LGBTQ Literature and Culture
The Bible & Literature
Introduction to Medical Humanities, Literature
Medicine and Literature

Rhetoric and Argument

Persuasive Writing
Living Writing
Writing Consulting Practicum
Public Writing
Writing Personal Narratives and Memoirs
Conflict Writing

Continuation Standards

All English courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher in order to count for English minor requirements and for the student to continue in the minor.

Students can complete all or part of the English minor at SLU’s campus in Madrid. 

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