5.7 Housing and Residence Life Community Living Policies

  1. Alcohol Host Responsibility
    Students living in residence halls or university owned/staffed buildings who are 21 years of age or older may bring small amounts of alcohol for personal consumption into the space to which they have been assigned. Quantities for personal consumption and are not to exceed seventy-two ounces of beer (for example, a six-pack), and one liter of other alcoholic beverage; any substantial quantity of alcoholic beverages (such as beer balls or kegs; cases of beer, wine, or other alcohol) may not be delivered to or brought into University owned or managed facilities. Students who bring substantial quantities of alcoholic beverages into the residences will be subject to disciplinary action; this may include, but is not limited to, contract reassignment or termination from the residence hall/apartment. Students who face disciplinary actions, including contract termination, will not be afforded a refund or reimbursement for their housing contract.

    Residents who choose to use alcohol legally are expected to do so in a responsible manner, including, but not limited to, not distributing alcohol to minors, and not consuming alcohol in the presence of guests (non-roommates) who are under the age of 21. With the exception of a roommate, no alcohol is permitted in the presence of an underage student. Alcohol collections and/or displays (such as pyramids, excessive bottles, cans, or cartons) are prohibited in all residential spaces.
  2. Building Exterior
    Failure to follow the following guidelines jeopardizes the safety of community members:
    Propping open residence hall exterior doors is strictly prohibited.
    1. Throwing or dropping objects from windows or balconies is prohibited.
    2. Students are prohibited from being out on a ledge, windowsill, or building roof. This includes entering and exiting them.
  3. Elevator Abuse
    Residents should abide by elevator guidelines (occupancy, etc.) to ensure the safety of themselves and others and to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.
  4. Hall Sports/Recreation
    Out of respect for property and university facilities, sports or general rough-housing are not permitted in the hallways or lounges. Additionally, wheeled transportation (including, but not limited to, bikes, motorized and non-motorized scooters, etc.) are not permitted in the residence halls/apartment living units, unless necessary for an accommodation and documentation has been provided to, and approved by, the University’s Office of Disability Services.
  5. Host Responsibility
    Hosts are responsible for all actions of their guests. Hosts and guests must remain together from the start of the check-in process through the completion of a guest’s check out.
  6. Housekeeping/Cleanliness
    Students living in university housing are asked to maintain a high standard of housekeeping and cleanliness.
    1. The assigned space and furnishings should be kept clean and sanitary.
    2. Garbage and other items to be discarded should be placed in the appropriate trash rooms or dumpsters.
    3. Students should clean up trash and personal items, in common areas.
    4. Adhering to the common public health protocols, students should wipe down community spaces at the conclusion of use.
  7. In the Presence of Alcohol
    Anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed to be in the presence or possession of alcohol in a residence hall or university owned/leased apartments. Underage students who have roommates who are over 21 can be in their living space when alcohol is present, however, the underage student cannot consume alcohol and no one else under 21 can be present when alcohol is being consumed. Any student who is found responsible for this violation may receive a monetary fine and/or fee applied to their Student account.
  8. Keys, IDs, and Residence Hall Access
    Students are required to scan their SLU ID card when entering a building and at residence hall front desks, report lost or missing residence hall keys or access cards immediately and return spare keys or temporary ID's immediately after use. Students are not allowed to give their SLU ID, room and/or entrance keys to others. Falsification of information in an attempt to obtain a back-up key, access ID, or gain entry to a Residence Hall is strictly prohibited.
  9. Living Assignments
    Students are expected to adhere to all aspects of the housing contract in respect to assigned spaces including:
    1. Resident rooms and apartment spaces are to be occupied by only those assigned to the room/apartment by Housing and Residence Life and are not to be occupied, or loaned/leased without prior consent of Housing and Residence Life, to other residents or non-residents.
    2. Refusing to accept or impeding an effort by Housing and Residence Life to make an assignment to a vacant space is prohibited.
  10. Noise
    Students are expected to adhere to noise guidelines at all times. This includes:
    1. Quiet hours are in effect from midnight to 8 a.m., Monday through Friday, and from 2 a.m. through 10 a.m., Saturday and Sunday, in all residential buildings. Each floor may establish additional quiet hours, so that residents may count on undisturbed quiet activities such as relaxing, studying, and sleeping. During final exam periods, quiet hours are in effect for 24 hours.
    2. Moderate noise levels that promote an atmosphere of academic success should be maintained during all hours other than those designated as quiet. Students should be considerate by observing these hours and responding appropriately to requests to lower noise volume.
    3. Noise that can be heard outside of a room or in the courtyard of a building by placing a stereo out the window, yelling out the window, or using amplification devices is prohibited at all times.
  11. Occupancy
    Gatherings in a residence hall room or apartment should not exceed more than twice the designated number of students assigned to the room/apartment. For example, students living in a double room (two students assigned) may not have more than 4 people in the room at one time.
  12. Open Flame/Element Devices
    Open flame or open element devices (including, but not limited to, candles with or without a wick, incense, George Foreman grills, toasters, toaster ovens, barbeque grills, etc.) are not permitted in the residence halls/apartment living units or in building indoor or outdoor common areas. Kitchen items are permitted only in apartments with kitchens.
  13. Overnight Guests/Cohabitation
    Cohabitation is not permitted for more than two consecutive nights and three consecutive days without expressed permission from Housing and Residence Life Professional Staff.
  14. Pets
    Pets are not permitted in the residence halls/apartment living units except for fish or hermit crabs in a small bowl or aquarium that holds no more than 10 gallons.
  15. Residential Community Damage
    Students are expected to respect university property, as well as the property of other community members. Damages, alterations, or removal of property in residence hall rooms and buildings, or other community member's property, is prohibited.
  16. Restroom Civility
    At no time should individuals be in a restroom facility designated for a gender other than their own gender identity.
  17. Sales/Solicitation
    Sales or solicitation (including, but not limited to, running a business out of your room, including subleasing, magazine sales, pizza sales, providing a service, etc.) is not permitted in the residence halls/apartment living units. All materials to be distributed to the residence halls/living units or students must be approved through the SLU Student Government Association advertisement guidelines and be sent through the Housing and Residence Life Central Office for prior approval.
  18. Screens/Doors
    Students may not remove, alter, or tamper with window screens, door closers, locks, etc. Additional locks, latches, or similar devices for interior and exterior doors, beyond those provided by the university, may not be added to an apartment, room, or bathroom door. Screens must remain on windows at all times.
  19. Unregistered Guests
    Hosts are expected to meet and register their guests at the building entrance or desk and escort them at all times while in the building. At no time should any resident provide entrance to the building to anyone who is not their guest.
  20. Visitation
    Visitation is only permitted during the corresponding days and times:
  • Sunday 7:00am - Monday 2:00am
  • Monday 7:00am - Tuesday 2:00am
  • Tuesday 7:00am - Wednesday 2:00am
  • Wednesday 7:00am - Thursday 2:00am
  • Thursday 7:00am - Friday 2:00am
  • Friday 7:00am - Saturday 4:00am
  • Saturday 7:00am - Sunday 4:00am

In order to best support students in the residence halls and apartments, guests are permitted during specified visitation hours and in accordance with any roommate agreement. Guests are defined as the following:

  • Same Hall Student Guest: Guests who are Saint Louis University residential students and reside in the same University residence hall/apartment complex as the person they are visiting.
  • Other Hall Student Guest: Guests who are Saint Louis University residential students who reside in a different University residence hall/apartment complex as the person they are visiting.
  • Non-Hall Guest: Guests who are Saint Louis University students, faculty, or staff but who do not reside in a University residence hall/apartment complex (e.g., commuters).
  • Non-SLU Guest: Any guests who are not employed or enrolled with Saint Louis University.
  • Minors as Guests (under 18): Separate accommodations are required for minors as guests. Signed written permission from a parent or guardian, and a Housing and Residence Life professional staff member, is required for a minor to stay overnight on University premises.

During visitation, guests must be escorted at all times. Residents and guests must adhere to the check-out times defined above. Although the Village Apartments and Grand Forest Apartments do not have a front desk, it is expected that residents of those apartments follow the visitation hours outlined in this policy.
Non-Hall guests are permitted to enter academic spaces of residence halls between 7 a.m.- 6 p.m. Outside of these times, non-residents must be checked in by a resident of the building and escorted at all times

  1. Prohibited Items/Actions
    Possession of a prohibited item or the behavior of a prohibited action as described is not permitted:
  • Prohibited Items:
    • Any weapon as defined in the University Weapons Policy (Student Handbook, §1.24),
    • Air conditioners (both window and portable units except those provided by the University);
    • Halogen lamps, lava lamps, sunlamps, and incandescent bulbs;
    • Hookahs or water pipes;
    • Hoverboards/motorized skateboards;
    • Devices used to promote irresponsible drinking (beer bongs, funnels, kegs, party balls, and similar devices typically used to promote excessive alcohol consumption);
    • Extension cords (unless multiple outlet-type with built-in fuses and/or surge protector);
    • Items obstructing egress/exit paths in rooms or hallways;
    • Outside antenna/satellite dish;
    • Live cut trees or wreaths;
    • Signs considered to be university, government, or another's property;
    • Wireless internet routers;
    • LED light strips/rope lights,
    • Air fryers, pressure cookers, and any appliances with an open heating source or hot plate cannot be used within residence hall rooms.
  • Prohibited Actions:
    • Removal or relocation of University-issued residential furniture or property;
    • Hanging items on sprinkler heads or piping;
    • Utilizing smokeless tobacco or electronic cigarettes inside a building.