Health Information Management, Minor

Health information is changing our health and health care delivery. Saint Louis University's health information management minor introduces the management of the important asset of health information and can complement the major of any SLU student interested in health care. 

As health care becomes more information intensive, the ability to manage, understand and use data will be an increasingly valuable skillset. Courses focus on the use of health data as a critical and valuable asset.

Students minoring in health information management at SLU will take the following courses. 

Required Courses
HSCI 2000The U.S. Health Care System3
HSCI 2200Medical Terminology3
HIM 3000Health Information Management Concepts and Practice3
BTM 2000Introduction to Business Technology Management3
Select two of the following:6-7
Health Data Management
Coding and Classification Systems
Clinical Data Analytics
Health Care Financial Management
Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine
Total Credits18-19

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