Contract Minor

A minor classified as a “Contract Minor” is one that is unique to a particular student, established via a “contract” between the student and a small team (two-three) faculty advisors who agree to assist in the development of the program requirements and monitoring of student progress toward completion thereof.

Contract minors may be established only when an extant minor (or combination of extant majors, or majors and minors) cannot meet the faculty-supported educational objectives of the student.

Contract minors:

  1. Must draw upon courses from no fewer than two academic departments in one or more colleges/schools at SLU.
  2. Must be formally administered by the college/school from which the highest number of credits earned in the major are generated.
  3. Must be well-supported by extant faculty, library, studio and related educational resources at SLU, as determined by the faculty advisors.
  4. Must include a 3-credit capstone independent study course – taught by one or more of the student’s minor faculty advisors — via which the student synthesizes and integrates the broad range of knowledge acquired via the minor.
  5. Must meet all other requirements of minors as defined above.