Biology, Minor

Biology is a dynamic science that helps you better understand living organisms and the ways they interact with our environment. 

Saint Louis University’s minor in biology requires eight credits of introductory biology, eight credits of introductory chemistry and 12 credits of upper-level biology courses.

Required Biology Courses
BIOL 1240
BIOL 1245
General Biology: Information Flow and Evolution
and Principles of Biology I Laboratory (BIOL 1240 satisfies CORE 3800)
BIOL 1260
BIOL 1265
General Biology: Transformations of Energy and Matter
and Principles of Biology II Laboratory
Required Chemistry Courses
CHEM 1110
CHEM 1115
General Chemistry 1
and General Chemistry 1 Laboratory
CHEM 1120
CHEM 1125
General Chemistry 2
and General Chemistry 2 Laboratory
Biology Elective Courses
Select 12 credits of courses with the 'Biology Minor' attribute. 12
Total Credits28

BIOL 4960 Independent Research (1-3 cr) and BIOL 4980 Advanced Independent Study (1-4 cr) do not count towards the 12 credits of upper division biology courses. 

Continuation Standards

In accordance with Arts and Sciences graduation requirements, a student must earn an overall 2.00 grade point average in all minor (certificate or related) courses that are approved for completion of their degree program.

Program Notes

Seats in courses numbered BIOL 3060-BIOL 4790 are often offered first to biology majors. Remaining seats are then offered to non-biology majors.

Students can complete all or part of the biology minor at SLU-Madrid.

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