Eloquentia Perfecta: Writing Intensive

AAM 3300XAfrican American Literary Traditions II: After 19003
CMM 2100Journalism: News Writing3
ENGL 3140Poetry3
ENGL 3150True Crime: Forensic and Literary Perspectives3
ENGL 3220Film and Literature3
ENGL 3240Reading the Female Bildungsroman3
ENGL 3260British Literary Traditions after 18003
ENGL 3280American Literatures after 18653
ENGL 3470Introduction to Shakespeare3
ENGL 3520African American Literary Traditions II: After 19003
ENGL 3550Native American Literature3
ENGL 3730Introduction to Medical Humanities, Literature3
ENGL 3740Medicine and Literature3
ENGL 3850Persuasive Writing3
ENGL 3859Writing Consulting Practicum3
ENGL 3860Public Writing3
ENGL 3875Conflict Writing3
ENGL 4000Professional Writing3
ENGL 4010New Media Writing3
ENGL 4025Technical Writing3
ENGL 4035Histories of Persuasion3
ENGL 4120Writing with Style3
FMST 3770XFilm and Literature3
FREN 3020Text, Voice, & Self-Expression3
FREN 3040Society, Nation & the Arts in Pre-Revolutionary France3
GR 3010Communicating in Written German: The German Media3
HSCI 3700Research Methods3
HUM 4100Engaging Difference in a Pluralistic World3
IPE 4900Interprofessional Community Practicum2
NURS 2705Interprofessional Issues in Evidence Based Care 2
ORLD 4800Leadership and Organizational Behavior Capstone3
POLS 4500Russian Political Culture3
SLHS 4060Research Practicum1
SLHS 4800Senior Seminar2
SPAN 3030Refining Spanish Expression: Grammar & Composition3
THEO 3350Justice and Peace: The Legal Imagination in Christianity3
THEO 3375Women in the Bible3
WGST 3240XReading the Female Bildungsroman3