The following internships are eligible for the reduced tuition rate of $150 per credit in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Note: For undergraduate students enrolling in internships in the Fall and Spring semesters the $150 tuition will only be charged when a student exceeds 18 credits.

ACCT 4910Accounting Internship1-3
AENG 2910Co-op with Industry1-3
AENG 3910Co-op with Industry1-3
AENG 3915Internship with Industry1-3
AENG 4910Co-op with Industry0
AENG 4915Internship with Industry1-3
ART 3910Studio Art Internship1-6
ARTH 4910Internship1-6
ASCI 2910Co-op with Industry1
ASCI 3910Co-op with Industry1
ASCI 3915Internship with Industry1-3
ASCI 4910Co-op with Industry1
ASTD 3910Internship in American Studies3
BIOL 4910Internship in Conservation1-6
BIOL 4911Integrated Bioinformatics Internship1-3
BIOL 4912Internship in Plant Science1-3
BME 2910Co-Op with Industry0-3
BME 3915Internship with Industry0-3
BME 4915Internship with Industry1-3
BST 3910Internship1-3
BTM 4910Business Technology Management Internship1-3
CATH 4910Internship1-6
CCJ 4910Criminology and Criminal Justice Internship3
CMM 4910Internship1-6
CSCI 3910Internship with Industry1-6
CSCI 4910Internship with Industry1-6
CVNG 3915Internship with Industry1-3
CVNG 4915Internship with Industry1-3
EAS 4910Internship1-6
ECE 2910Co-op in Electrical and Computer Engineering0-3
ECE 3910Co-op with Industry0-3
ECE 3915Internship with Industry1-3
ECE 4910Co-Op with Industry1-3
ECE 4915Internship with Industry1
ECON 4910Economics Internship1-3
EDL 3910Internship in Orientation Leadership0-1
EDL 3915Internship in Peer Instruction0-1
EDSP 4850Student Teaching: Elementary Inclusive Classroom10
ENGL 4910Internship1-6
EXSC 4910Internship / Fieldwork in Exercise Science1-3
FIN 4910Finance Internship1-3
FRSC 4910Internship1-6
HIST 4910Internship/History in Practice1-6
HSCI 3910Internship1-3
HSCI 4910Internship1-3
HR 4910Honors Internship1-3
IB 4910International Business Internship1-3
ISTD 4910Internship in International Studies1-6
MDVL 4910Medieval Studies Internship1-6
MENG 2910Co-Op with Industry0
MENG 3910Co-Op with Industry0
MENG 3915Internship with Industry0-3
MENG 4910Co-Op with Industry0-3
MENG 4915Internship with Industry0-3
MGT 4912Entrepreneurship Internship1-3
MGT 4913Leadership & Human Resource Management Internship1-3
MGT 4914Sports Business Internship1-3
MKT 4910Marketing Internship1-3
PHYS 2910Co-Op with Industry1-6
PHYS 3910Co-Op with Industry1-6
PHYS 3915Internship with Industry1-6
PHYS 4910Co-Op with Industry1-6
PHYS 4915Internship with Industry1-6
PLS 4910Legal Internship1-6
POLS 3910Federal Government Internship1-6
POLS 3911State or Local Government Internship1-6
POLS 3912Public Service Internship1-6
POLS 3914Foreign Service Internship1-6
POLS 3915Legal Internship1-6
POLS 3918Overseas Fieldwork1-6
POLS 3919Women Leaders Internship1-6
PPHS 4910Internship1-3
PSY 4910Practicum1-6
PUBH 3910Internship1-3
SOC 4910Internship1-6
SPAN 4910Internship1-6
STAT 3910Internship1-6
STAT 4910Internship1-6
THR 4910Professional Internship1-6
WGST 4919Women's and Gender Studies Internship1-6