Latin, Minor

Saint Louis University offers a minor in the Latin language and its literature.  To complete the minor, students take 18 credit hours at any level of Latin (LATN) courses or courses fulfilling a Latin elective.  Latin classes at SLU are small and interdisciplinary, encouraging open and collaborative dialogue among students and instructors.  Our courses concentrate on reading culturally formative writings in their original Latin, focusing not only on well-known classical texts but also patristic and medieval ones.

Saint Louis University offers a minor in Latin. To complete the minor, students take 18 credits of coursework related to Latin language and literature.

Required Courses
LATN 1010Reading Latin I3
LATN 1020Reading Latin II3
LATN 2010Intermediate Latin: Language & Literature3
or LATN 2020 Intermediate Latin: Rhetoric and Poetry
Latin Elective Courses9
Students also take 9 credits of courses either 2000-level or higher in Latin with the Latin attribute. Examples of such courses, which are commonly taught, are:
Roman Letter Writers
Cicero as Essayist
Readings in Saint Augustine
Readings in Select Historians
Total Credits18

Continuation Standards

Students with a minor in Latin must maintain a 2.00 GPA in courses required for the minor.