University Undergraduate Core Courses

Additional Information about the University Undergraduate Core

Beginning in the fall of 2022, the University Undergraduate Core at Saint Louis University will prepare all students to be intellectually flexible, creative, and reflective critical thinkers in the spirit of the Catholic, Jesuit tradition.  The Core nourishes students’ minds, hearts, souls, and well-being, and guides them in discerning how to use their talents for the good of others.

Ultimate Questions: Theology

HCE 1600Embodiment, Life, and Death in Context3
THEO 1600God-Talk: Ultimate Questions in Theology3

Ultimate Questions: Philosophy

HCE 1700Death, Disability, Disease, and the Meaning of Life3
PHIL 1700The Examined Life: Ultimate Questions3
PHIL 1707The Examined Life: Philosophy as a Way of Life3

Eloquentia Perfecta 2: Oral and Visual Communication

CMM 1200Public Speaking3

Eloquentia Perfecta 3: Creative Expression

ART 2000Drawing I3
ART 2100Design3
ART 2450Sculpture I3
ART 2500Computer Art I3
ART 2600Photography I3
ART 2025Figure Drawing I3
ART 2120Three Dimensional Design3
ART 2150Color Theory3
ART 2200Painting I3
ART 2300Printmaking I3
ART 2400Ceramics I3
ART 2650Digital Photography3
ART 2700Graphic Design I3
ENGL 3050Creative Writing: Poetry3
ENGL 3060Creative Writing: Fiction3
ENGL 3070Creative Writing: Drama3
ENGL 3080Creative Writing: Non-Fiction3
ENGL 3100Topics in Creative Writing3

 Ways of Thinking: Quantitative Reasoning

MATH 1220Finite Mathematics3
MATH 1240Mathematics and the Art of M.C. Escher3
MATH 1320Survey of Calculus3
MATH 1510Calculus I4
STAT 1100Introduction to Statistics3

 Ways of Thinking: Aesthetics, History and Culture

ARTH 1090Global Masterpieces in Art3
ARTH 2450Art of Pilgrimage and Crusades3
ARTH 3450Art of Pilgrimage and Crusades: Advanced Studies3
ENGL 2350Faith, Doubt and Literature3
ENGL 2450Nature, Ecology & Literature3
ENGL 2550Gender, Identity & Literature3
ENGL 2750Film, Culture and Literature3
ENGL 2850Nation, Identity and Literature3
HIST 1600History of the United States of America to 18653
HIST 1610History of the United States Since 18653
HIST 3090The Age of Renaissance3
HIST 3720Cultural Encounters 1500-17003
PHIL 4600History of Modern Philosophy3
THEO 2320Seeking God and Building Faith in the Middle Ages3

Ways of Thinking: Social and Behavioral Science

POLS 1150American Political Systems3
POLS 2100The American Constitution3
POLS 3520Communism, Capitalism and Social Justice3

Ways of Thinking: Natural and Applied Science 

CHEM 1110General Chemistry 13
CHEM 1130General Chemistry 1 for Majors3
CHEM 1050Basic Chemistry3
CHEM 1080Principles of Chemistry 1 Lecture3
FRSC 2600Survey of Forensic Science3

Equity and Global Identities

CCJ 2051Multiculturalism for Professionals3