Awarding Scholarship/Financial Aid

Upon federal/state financial aid application file completion, the Office of Student Financial Services reviews the student’s application for award eligibility and assembles an assistance package based on all pertinent regulations, academic standing, eligible programs, and funds availability.

If the Office of Student Financial Services believes certain eligibility items, are suspect, incomplete, or inconsistent, all such items must be resolved, corrected, and/or updated, as appropriate, before a student will be eligible to be paid any federal/state aid. If aid eligibility changes result due to the verification/audit process, the student will be informed of these changes by a Revised Award Notification. If a student receives any federal/state aid based on incorrect information, awarded assistance may have to be adjusted. If fraud is suspected, the student will be informed of the procedures that he/she will have to complete in order to resolve the suspicion. Failure to comply will result in the student’s case being referred to the Student Validation Branch of the U.S. Department of Education.

Other Scholarship/Financial Aid

Recipients of scholarship/financial aid from the University are required to notify the Office of Student Financial Services of any other scholarships, grants, loans, or employment offered to them from all sources outside or within the University. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of all or a portion of the award. The University reserves the right to make warranted changes in a scholarship/financial aid package whenever necessary.

Personal Status Changes

Any change in name, address, aid sources, enrollment or other changes to student status must be reported immediately to the Office of Student Financial Services.

Changes in the family’s financial circumstances may be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services at any time for review, to receive consideration for assistance adjustments.