Foundations of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Micro-credential

The Foundations of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Micro-credential consists of a three-course sequence. Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are rapidly growing and advancing fields that have the potential to change healthcare and the treatment of injury and disease in the near future. This micro-credential provides students with a foundational level of understanding of concepts in this field.

Admission Requirements

For current, active Saint Louis University students wishing to declare a micro-credential, complete the Submit Update for Student Curriculum Record form

For non-Saint Louis University students, click here to apply as a Visiting/Non-Degree Seeking Student. 

The following are the associated learning outcomes for this program and where they will be assessed:

  1. A fundamental understanding of the different materials used in biomedical applications, structure-property relationships, as well as design criteria and selection parameters.
  2. A fundamental understanding of biocompatibility and how the concept is used in selecting or developing biomaterials and engineered tissues for biomedical applications.
  3. An understanding of how materials and cells can be used to design implants, tissue substitutes, and other biomedical devices for regenerative engineering applications.
  4. Clinical applications of biomaterials, regenerative engineering and tissue engineering.

These outcomes will be assessed directly from student artifacts throughout each of the courses in the sequence.

BME 4400Biomaterials3
BME 4410Tissue Engineering3
BME 4430Regenerative Engineering3
Total Credits9

Continuation Standards

A minimum grade of “C” is required for undergraduate courses and a minimum grade of “B” is required for post-baccalaureate/graduate courses.

Students who do not achieve the requisite grade (“C” for undergraduate coursework and “B” for graduate coursework) for continuation in the micro-credential will be allowed to repeat the course one time in an attempt to achieve the requisite grade. If they fail to achieve the necessary grade after one repeat attempt, they will be dismissed from the micro-credential.

For more information about Biomedical Engineering Micro-credentials, please contact:

Gary Bledsoe, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Biomedical Engineering