Special Topic Courses

Special topic courses provide flexibility in the curriculum to meet a variety of situations. 

Special topic courses may be designed to meet the interests of a faculty member or group of students, to fit the expertise of a visiting professor, or to study emerging issues or specialized content not represented in the approved curriculum.

Special topic courses may vary within specific sections across terms as indicated by the course number of #93#.  

Special topic courses sub-titles reflect the content being offered.

Courses of the same topic cannot be offered as a special topics course more than twice, over multiple semesters.

Special topic courses can only be cross-listed with other special topics courses, therefore may not be cross-listed with permanent courses.

Program requirements cannot include special topic courses, though special topics courses may be substituted for degree requirements.

Students may repeat a special topics course for additional credit if the course covers a different topic in subsequent offerings. In such cases, the repeat grade policy does not apply.  

For students repeating a special topics course that covers the same topic in a subsequent offerings the repeat grade policy will apply.