Physics, Minor

Saint Louis University offers a minor in physics through the School of Science and Engineering. By pursuing a minor in physics, students increase problem-solving, reasoning and analytical skills, which will give them an advantage in many career paths. A minor in physics will broaden students' understanding of the world and enhance their career prospects.

This minor requires 22 credits of physics.

Required Courses
PHYS 1610
PHYS 1620
University Physics I
and University Physics I Laboratory
PHYS 1630
PHYS 1640
University Physics II
and University Physics II Laboratory
PHYS 2610
PHYS 2620
Modern Physics
and Modern Physics Lab
Elective Courses
Select three of the following (one with lab):10
Classical Mechanics
Optics Laboratory
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
Analog & Digital Electronics
Modern Physics II
Physics Research I
Co-Op with Industry
Internship with Industry
Independent Study
Nanoscience Frontiers
Experimental Physics
Intro to Biophysics
Electricity & Magnetism
Quantum Mechanics
Senior Inquiry: Thesis
Physics Research II
Senior Inquiry: Research Project
Senior Inquiry: Comprehensive Examination
Co-Op with Industry
Internship with Industry
Special Topics: Introduction to Plasma Physics
Total Credits22

Continuation Standards

Students must have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 in physics minor coursework to be retained in the minor.