Global Health (GLOH)

GLOH 0106 - Medical Chinese

1-6 Credits (Repeatable for credit)

The course provides the opportunity for students who have basic conversational Mandarin speaking skills to learn medical terms. The course will cover vocabulary for: taking past medical history, family history, review of systems, chief complaints, performing physical exams as well as other essential phrases necessary for successful patient interviews. Proper usage and pronunciation of terms will be taught by Dr. Yun Tan. Students will also conduct mock interviews with fellow students and create situational skits. There will also be a final evaluation consisting of a mock interview with Dr. Yun Tan. Students learn to interview patients with proper medical Chinese terminology and gain a better understanding of the Chinese cultural values regarding health care.

GLOH 0107 - Introduction to Global Health: Competencies and Controversies

3 Credits

This course will provide a foundation for future global health work by providing a baseline understanding of global burden of disease, social drivers of health, systems of healthcare provision, global health governance, and ethics of global health work.

GLOH 0108 - Medical Spanish

6 Credits

Students must test into third semester or higher on the SLUPE Spanish language placement exam in order to register for the elective. Exam accessible on-line prior to the elective fair.

GLOH 5000 - Introduction to Global Health

3 Credits

This course introduces the broad field of global health, both the predominant health issues in low- and middle-income countries and the main players and payers who respond to these issues. The purpose is to understand who the main players in global health are, what their roles and responsibilities are, where they get their funding, and the challenges of coordination with so many different players. The course will look at specific health issues that are important globally and analyze which players have been involved in addressing these health issues. Finally, students will be expected to follow current events in global health. Offered in fall.

Attributes: MPH-Behavior Sci & Health Equi, MPH-Epidemiology, MPH-Maternal & Child Health, Social Work PhD Specilization

GLOH 5100 - Global Health Assessment and Evaluation

3 Credits

This course challenges students to assess the magnitude and severity of global public health problems in low-resource settings, consider responses to those problems within a theoretical context and then design theory-based evaluation research. The purpose of this course is to prepare for developing and evaluation theory-based interventions to address global pubic health problems. The course introduces students to methodologies for engaging stakeholders, conducting situational analyses, developing program theory and logic models, defining evaluation purpose, and then designing evaluations to fulfill that purpose. It also requires students to analyze interventions from a theory-based perspective.

GLOH 5200 - Global Health and Implementation Science

3 Credits

This course is an introduction to implementation science with an emphasis on its application for global health. The course will highlight all aspects of implementation, including the factors affecting implementation in a global context, the processes of implementation, and the results of implementation, including how to introduce potential solutions into a health system or how to promote their large-scale use and sustainability. The intent is to understand what, why, and how interventions work in “real world” global settings and to test approaches to improve them. Students will have the opportunity to work in groups and independently. Offered in fall.

Attributes: MPH-Behavior Sci & Health Equi, MPH-Epidemiology, MPH-Maternal & Child Health

GLOH 5705 - Practice in Global Issues

3 Credits

This course exposes students to global practice situations and current social issues that affect many low and middle-income countries, including poverty, civil conflict and communicable diseases. A variety of conceptual frameworks and theories are applied to current and new strategy options. This course provides students with the beginning skills to assess the needs of vulnerable communities and the outcome effectiveness of programs using a global perspective. Special attention is paid to cultural diversity and social justice expectations in these environments.

Attributes: MPH-Behavior Sci & Health Equi, MPH-Biosecurity & Disaster Prp, MPH-Epidemiology, MPH-Global Health, MPH-Health Management & Policy, MPH-Maternal & Child Health, MPH-Public Health Practice, MPH-Biostatistics

GLOH 5930 - Special Topics

3 Credits (Repeatable for credit)

A course to present topics not covered in established courses based on faculty and student interests. An avenue to develop new courses on a trial basis. Offered periodically.

GLOH 5980 - Independent Study

1 or 3 Credits (Repeatable for credit)

GLOH 6930 - Special Topics

3 Credits (Repeatable for credit)

GLOH 6980 - Independent Study

1 or 3 Credits (Repeatable for credit)