Medical Scholars Program

Saint Louis University’s Medical Scholars Program gives particular recognition to beginning first-year pre-medical students. Students apply to the Medical Scholars Program on the medical scholars application at the same time that they apply to Saint Louis University. 

Medical scholars may apply to Saint Louis University School of Medicine in their sophomore year. They may gain early conditional acceptance for the year following the completion of their undergraduate work.

Participants must also be able to meet the minimum “technical standards” set by the School of Medicine.

Medical scholars must attend a special orientation given by the director of pre-health and pre-law studies and the dean of admission of the School of Medicine. This meeting will occur at the beginning of the applicant’s first year at SLU.

Curriculum Overview

The first two years outlined in the program curriculum apply to most majors. Any change to the curriculum requires the specific approval of the director of pre-health and pre-law studies and the School of Medicine.

Advanced placement and 1818 credits may apply to non-science courses in this curriculum; however, a strict course substitution policy will be followed. For example, if Calculus I has been completed in the 1818 ACC Program, another math course, such as Calculus II or Statistics, must be substituted. All science courses must be taken at Saint Louis University.

Academic Policies

Students in the Medical Scholars Program cannot withdraw from courses, audit courses, take courses pass/fail, receive grades of “D” or “F,” or receive incomplete grades.

The Pre-Health Committee on Evaluations will evaluate students in their sophomore year. These evaluations will be maintained in the Office of Pre-Health and Pre-Law Studies and be kept in preparation for students’ application to the School of Medicine. A Pre-Health Committee on Evaluations member will interview students who successfully maintain the required minimum GPA averages. The committee will prepare an evaluation and submit it to the School of Medicine. This evaluation contains the following documents:

  • Letter of evaluation prepared by the committee
  • A personal essay from the student, “Why I Want to be a Physician”

The Office of Pre-Professional Health Studies will also send appropriate application materials to the admissions committee.

These materials will be submitted to the dean of admission at Saint Louis University School of Medicine during the spring of the applicant’s sophomore year. The School of Medicine admissions committee will conduct interviews, and applicants will receive a response from the School of Medicine by the beginning of the junior year concerning admission.

Students gaining a conditional acceptance to Saint Louis University School of Medicine are required to:

  • Complete the physics sequence.
  • Take an upper-division science course (biology, chemistry or physics) fall and spring semesters of their senior year.
  • Meet minimum GPA and MCAT score requirements as per the table below:
Entering Year Minimum GPA Minimum MCAT Score
Fall 2020 3.65 No minimum required
Fall 2021 3.65 500
Fall 2022 3.65 505
Fall 2023 3.70 505

If a student who has been accepted into Saint Louis University School of Medicine through participation in the Medical Scholars Program should decide to apply to other medical schools, this early acceptance will be withdrawn. If such a student wishes to be reconsidered for admission to the Saint Louis University School of Medicine, they may follow the regular application process.

There is some variability in coursework in terms of course numbers and timing. Specific core courses and timing may vary by college or school. Students work with their primary academic advisor to establish an appropriate course of study.

CORE 1500Cura Personalis 1: Self in Community1
BIOL 1240General Biology: Information Flow and Evolution3
BIOL 1245Principles of Biology I Laboratory1
BIOL 1260General Biology: Transformations of Energy and Matter3
BIOL 1265Principles of Biology II Laboratory1
CHEM 1110General Chemistry 13
CHEM 1120General Chemistry 23
CHEM 1115General Chemistry 1 Laboratory1
CHEM 1125General Chemistry 2 Laboratory1
CHEM 2410Organic Chemistry 13
CHEM 2420Organic Chemistry 23
CHEM 2415Organic Chemistry 1 Laboratory1
CHEM 2425Organic Chemistry 2 Laboratory1
ENGL 1900Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research3
MATH 1510Calculus I 14
PPHS 1050Medical Scholar0
PHYS 1310College Physics I3
PHYS 1320College Physics I Laboratory1
PHYS 1330College Physics II3
PHYS 1340College Physics II Laboratory1
Total Credits40

Calculus I is the minimum mathematics requirement for the program and for admission to most medical schools

Required in the Junior and Senior Years

  1. Completion of the physics sequence.
  2. Completion of the undergraduate degree program.
  3. At least 14 GPA credits (i.e., standard letter grade) must be taken in any semester.
  4. Meet minimum GPA and MCAT score requirements as per the table under the Academic Policies section on the Overview tab.

Continuation Standards

To remain in this program, the student must, at the close of the first year (30 GPA credits minimum), have a minimum official grade point average as stated in the Academic Policies section on the Overview tab in sciences/mathematics and in their cumulative (overall) GPA.

The minimum GPA requirements must be met annually at the end of each academic year and are noncumulative. Credits acquired between the first and second years of study will not be considered part of the 60 GPA credits total, and courses taken in transfer between these years will not be permitted to substitute for the required science courses.

It is recommended that all mathematics classes be taken at Saint Louis University, but some AP mathematics course credits might be accepted. Grades for transfer courses and 1818 courses are not computed into these averages; however, the credit for these courses does count toward graduation. AP or dual credit in biology, chemistry and physics are not acceptable to meet science course requirements.