1.27 University Events

Outdoor events and gatherings on campus at which alcohol will be sold or consumed must be registered with Event Services and approved by the Student Involvement Center, (314) 977-2805, Busch Student Center, Suite 319. Alcoholic beverages may be dispensed only with a Third Party Vendor from the state and/or city, obtained by DineSLU, at least 14 days planning time is required.

Alcoholic beverages in outdoor locations are permitted ONLY at registered/approved events. For safety reasons, no glass bottles are permitted.

Decide on a Date. You may wish to consult the activities calendar online to avoid duplication or over-booking.

Register the Activity. All student organization events must obtain approval from the Student Involvement Center prior to securing space and/or advertising for the event. All requests should be submitted at least twenty (20) business days prior to the desired event date via SLU Groups.

Registration should follow one of the following procedures:

  1. Submit a Speaker Approval form, available in SLU Groups, to ensure the featured speaker complies with the University’s Speech, Expression and Civil Discourse Policy. Once the speaker is approved, the organization shall proceed by submitting an event approval request, and then complete the process by reserving space via “25Live.”

  2. If the event does not include a featured speaker, the organization should still submit an event approval request in SLU Groups.  Upon receiving approval, the organization can reserve space via “25Live.” Obtain a Program Planning Form, found online from the Student Involvement Center and follow the policies outlined in the Registration for Programs and Events set forth in Section 3.4 of the Student Organization Policies. Complete the form and submit it to the Student Involvement Center in Busch Student Center, Suite 319 at least twenty (20) business days before the event.

Contracting Services. No contracts on behalf of the University may be signed by any unauthorized individual, which includes students conducting business on behalf of their organization. Contracts may only be signed by authorized University officials. Personal liability for the event may result for the individual signing contracts on behalf of the University without authorization. Consult the Student Involvement Center at (314) 977-2805 for details.

Arrange for Food and Beverage Service. On campus, all food and beverage service must be provided by DineSLU. Discuss your needs with the catering manager at (314) 977-1559.

Confirm the Location. If the event will be held in a location on campus not reserved through Event Services (such as Simon Recreation Center), take the approved copy of the Program Planning Form with the contract, to the appropriate office. Pay any applicable deposit or fee. Keep your copy of the form for reference. If the event is at an off-campus location, complete your arrangements with the facility.