Faculty and Staff Children Exchange Program (FACHEX)

Faculty and Staff Children Exchange Program (FACHEX) is an undergraduate tuition remission program that allows dependents eligible for tuition benefits at the “home” institution to apply for the same benefits at participating host institutions. It was established by the Conference of the Academic Vice Presidents of the AJCU in 1971 and continues under the sponsorship of the AJCU Chief Academic Officers’ Conference.

Program Eligibility

  • The student must be eligible for tuition remission at the “home” university.
  • The student must satisfy the "receiving" university's standards for admission before he/she can become qualified for FACHEX.
  • Eligibility and admission to a participating university do NOT guarantee that a FACHEX award will be granted.

FACHEX Program Details

FACHEX (Faculty and Staff Children Exchange Program) is an undergraduate tuition remission program that allows dependents eligible for tuition benefits at the “home” institution to apply for the same benefits at participating host institutions. It was established by the Conference of the Academic Vice Presidents of the AJCU in 1971 and continues under the sponsorship of the Chief Academic Officers’ Conference to the present time.

The following 27 Jesuit colleges and universities are currently members of the program: Boston College, Canisius College, College of Holy Cross, Creighton University, Fairfield University, Fordham University, Gonzaga University, John Carroll University, Le Moyne College, Loyola Marymount University, Loyola University Chicago, Loyola University Maryland, Loyola University New Orleans, Marquette University, Regis University, Rockhurst University, Saint Joseph’s University, Saint Louis University, Saint Peter’s University, Santa Clara University, Seattle University, Spring Hill College, University of Detroit Mercy, University of San Francisco, University of Scranton, Wheeling Jesuit University, Xavier University.

Eligibility requirements are determined by the “home” institution.  See Saint Louis University Employee Eligibility Criteria for additional information.  If the “home” institution grants a full-tuition remission to the child of an employee, then the child is eligible to apply for the FACHEX benefit.

FACHEX eligibility does not qualify a dependent child for admission, nor does an offer of admission to a participating Jesuit university guarantee a FACHEX award.

The benefits are the remission of tuition only. FACHEX benefits pertain to full-time undergraduate students only. Students are expected to pay all fees and room and board charges assigned by the "receiving" university. Generally, the tuition remission pertains to the regular academic sessions only although "receiving" institutions may grant waivers for summer session tuition. Co-pay or administrative fees may only be charged to FACHEX participants if they are charged to recipients of the “host” institution's employee tuition benefit program. Such fees shall be announced to FACHEX coordinators by December 1 for the following year.

Employees should contact the "receiving" institution to request exceptions to the terms listed above. Requests for exceptions are honored at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Each participating institution should provide at least one new incoming freshman student with the FACHEX benefit each year. The participants in the FACHEX consortium are obligated to offer, net three, four-year tuition remissions each year. The "receiving" institution makes the decision to waive tuition for the students it accepts. Thus, there are no guarantees to the children of employees that they will be accepted into a specific university or the program of their choice.

The obligation of granting three full-time waivers is a net obligation. No university is obligated to grant more than three scholarships over the number of students it sends out.

The FACHEX program is limited to undergraduate programs only. Further, participating institutions may limit undergraduate programs available to employees' children. The health sciences, nursing, and overseas studies are frequently not available. Individual institutions determine available programs.

At each participating university, the local coordinator, who is appointed by the provost/chief academic officer, carries out the following functions:

  • Informs employees of the program.
  • Maintains communication with the other coordinators concerning students seeking the FACHEX benefit.
  • Reports annually, in late summer, all students accepted to other universities and those received by the coordinator's university, together with an estimate of the number of openings expected to be available the next academic year.

The procedure for seeking the program's benefits is as follows:

  • The student applies to the participating university/universities of his/her choice.
  • The eligible parent contacts the FACHEX coordinator, in writing, requesting that certification for eligibility for his/her child to participate in the FACHEX program is sent to the participating schools of choice. To facilitate the procedure, the following information must be included in the above request: student name, student social security number, student address, incoming status: either freshman or transfer for currently enrolled student, parent name, parent address, parent telephone number, parent email address, optional information: years of university service
  • The coordinator verifies the dependent’s eligibility to receive this benefit.
  • The coordinator notifies the "receiving" university of the student's eligibility electronically by December 15. A copy is sent to the eligible parent.
  • The "receiving" university notifies the student of his/her admission to the university.
  • The coordinator at the "receiving" university will notify the student if FACHEX benefits will be granted.

All schools agree to make their first FACHEX awards no later than April 1. For specific information regarding the procedure that participating universities use to grant FACHEX awards, please contact that university's local coordinator. Each university's policy varies.

Saint Louis University Employee Policies and Procedures

Employee Eligibility

A Saint Louis University employee must have completed at least three years of continuous full-time service to be considered eligible to apply for FACHEX at participating institutions.


FACHEX only covers tuition (up to 18 credits per semester). Additional expenses such as room, board, travel-related expenses or books are the sole responsibility of the student and/or the student's family.


FACHEX is for eight semesters, four years of school or upon completion of a bachelor's degree, whichever comes first.

Annual Re-Certification

Students must be re-certified every year to remain FACHEX eligible. A FACHEX application with the name of the school your student is attending is sent to the FACHEX coordinator with the words "re-certify." 

Application Process

  1. By October 1, of the year prior to anticipated enrollment, submit the FACHEX application to the FACHEX coordinator along with the names of the participating institution(s) to which your child is planning to apply for admission.
  2. The FACHEX coordinator will confirm your eligibility and will send a letter to the FACHEX coordinator of the school(s) to which your student is applying, certifying his or her eligibility to participate in that school's FACHEX program. A copy of the letter will also be sent to you.
  3. Your student applies to the designated institution(s). We also recommend employees or students contact the FACHEX coordinator at their desired school(s) to inquire about special admissions dates — it’s not uncommon to require early applications, and it is your responsibility to follow those admission guidelines.
  4. The FACHEX coordinator at each institution where your child applied will inform students whether or not he/she will receive a FACHEX award. Most schools make FACHEX decisions after March 1.

Non-SLU Employee Policies and Procedures

Saint Louis University only awards FACHEX to incoming freshmen students.  Transfer students or current students whose parent becomes eligible for the benefit after they have started college are not eligible.

Application Process

  1. Before Feb. 1, eligible employees at participating universities must notify the FACHEX coordinator at their home institution with their child's legal name, mailing address, Social Security number and the names of the participating institution(s) to which their child is planning to apply for admission.
  2. By Feb. 1, the coordinator at the home institution will confirm eligibility and will send a letter to Saint Louis University’s FACHEX coordinator, certifying a student's eligibility to participate in the FACHEX program. We will confirm with both student and their home institution's coordinator that we have received an eligibility letter.
  3. The student applies to Saint Louis University.
  4. Saint Louis University makes FACHEX decisions after March 1. After decisions have been made, the FACHEX coordinator informs each eligible student whether or not he or she will be offered a FACHEX award.