Interprofessional Practice, Minor

The purpose of Saint Louis University's interprofessional education minor program is to prepare you with the knowledge, attitudes and skills of interprofessional practice, which lead to:

  • Interprofessional collaborative patient/client-centered care
  • Optimal individual patient health outcomes
  • Improvements in community-level (population) health
  • Effective and efficient delivery of health care services
  • Advocacy for the improvement of health and health services

Curriculum Overview

This 16-credit minor is an elective option for undergraduate students interested in a career in health-related professions.

The IPE curriculum is designed to move students from understanding the need for and developing foundational skills in interprofessional practice to a broad understanding of the challenges in the health care system to provide equable access to high-quality health care, and coordinated, patient-centered care (IPE 2100 Interprofessional Collaboration and Healthcare in Global Context (3 cr)).

This foundation is then applied in the context of effective team-based care for individual patients (IPE 4200 Applied Decision-Making in Interprofessional Practice (3 cr)), improving community and population health outcomes (IPE 4900 Interprofessional Community Practicum (3 cr)) in the clinical setting (IPE 4905 Interprofessional Clinical Practicum (2 cr)), and to document the clinical outcomes of interprofessional collaborative practice and the impact on patient care and outcomes (ORES 2320 Interprofessional Health Outcomes Research (2 cr)).

HCE 2010Foundations in Clinical Health Care Ethics3
IPE 2100Interprofessional Collaboration and Healthcare in Global Context3
IPE 4200Applied Decision-Making in Interprofessional Practice3
IPE 4900Interprofessional Community Practicum3
IPE 4905Interprofessional Clinical Practicum2
or NURS 4200 Nursing Immersion Practicum
ORES 2320Interprofessional Health Outcomes Research2
or NURS 2700 Evidence Based Nursing
Total Credits16

Continuation Standards

Students must maintain a GPA of 2.00 in interprofessional coursework.

For more information about our Interprofessional Education program, including the concentration and minor in Interprofessional Practice, please email