Eloquentia Perfecta: Creative Expression

ART 2000Drawing I3
ART 2025Figure Drawing3
ART 2090The Architect's Sketchbook 22
ART 2100Design3
ART 2120Introduction to Three Dimensional Design3
ART 2150Color Theory3
ART 2200Painting I3
ART 2300Printmaking I3
ART 2400Ceramics I3
ART 2450Sculpture I3
ART 2460Installation and Public Art3
ART 2480Fibers and Textiles3
ART 2500Computer Art I3
ART 2600Analog Photography3
ART 2650Digital Photography3
ART 2700Graphic Design I3
CMM 1500Introduction to Digital Media Production3
CMM 2510Video Production and Design3
CMM 2550Photojournalism3
CSCI 1050Introduction to Computer Science: Multimedia3
DANC 2000Introduction to Dance: Ballet, Modern, and Jazz Dance3
DANC 2100Ballet Technique I2
DANC 2300Modern Dance Technique I2
DANC 2650Spanish Dance: Flamenco0-3
DANC 2660Latin Rhythms and Dance3
DANC 2670The New Flamenco Experience3
DIET 2510Principles of Food Preparation3
ENGL 3050Creative Writing: Poetry3
ENGL 3060Creative Writing: Fiction3
ENGL 3070Creative Writing: Drama3
ENGL 3080Creative Writing: Non-Fiction3
ENGL 3100Topics in Creative Writing3
FMST 2510XActing I: Fundamentals3
FPA 2000Social Practice in the Arts3
MUSC 1400Beginning Class Music2
MUSC 2090Reflection Seminar: Applied Music1
MUSC 2430Musical Theatre and Opera Scenes for the Stage2
MUSC 3400Reflection Seminar: Ensembles1
THR 2500Costume Construction3
THR 2510Acting I: Fundamentals3
THR 2530Acting II: Rehearsal & Performance3
THR 2540Voice & Diction3
THR 2560Movement for the Theatre3